-Adore (feat. Ariana Grande) - Single - Cashmere Cat mp3 download

-Adore (feat. Ariana Grande) - Single Mp3 Download

Artist : Cashmere Cat

Released : 2015-02-24

Genre : Electronic

love love love
I love it sooooooo much!πŸ’Ÿ But why is the cover plain black? Still love it and the cover is just a cover.😊
Yasss Queent πŸ‘πŸ»
I live for the fact that this song has a beautiful melody. A mixture of both artists combined to create this. Following both these artists, there really is a taste of both in this. I'm not one to buy music, but this really was one I wouldn't regret.
What is with the cover art????
A well made song with great vocals. One of my favorites from Cashmere Cat.
I'm here for 2016
It's so greatπŸ’–