-Boys Like You (feat. Meghan Trainor & Ariana Grande) - Single - Who Is Fancy mp3 download

-Boys Like You (feat. Meghan Trainor & Ariana Grande) - Single Mp3 Download

Artist : Who Is Fancy

Released : 2015-11-23

Genre : Pop

I don't understand why people hate this song!? Also shut the hell up Mikeyreallycool46. Your using that word incorrectly. And even if he was gay than it would still be unkind for You to use that word as a derogatory term. Why don't you go back to kindergarten so you can learn how to use words correctly mike? Good song fancy! Just ignore the idiots who think otherwise. I like your music, it makes me happy. And if no one else appreciates your talent than that's there problem. Just know that U Have a fan here! 😸
love this song 😍
Pie cutie
Patches and mr.t and Sam
Maddie the mad
I love this song! (Please no mean notes)
I like this song and I love Ariana and Megan together, their voices sound great together. But, I think Who is Fancy was just a one-hit-wonder with his song "Goodbye".
I'm surprised this song didn't go very far..?