-Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande mp3 download

-Dangerous Woman Mp3 Download

Artist : Ariana Grande

Released : 2016-05-20

Genre : Pop

rottrn patatoes
This is the best music and this could not get any better
Finally Ariana has gotten out of her diapers and into her big girl pants… this is a good album but a lot of the songs I really hate. This is a great album though idk why but a few songs are so lit I can’t take It! 1. Moonlight 1/5 Uhnmmm 2. Dangerous Woman 5/5 This is way too awesome and unique for me. I wanna listen to it every day because it brings out my life style since well…never mind 3. Be alright 1/5 Ehhhhhh………… 4. Into you 2/5 This song is just like love me harder but a little bit better no offense ;) 5. Side to side (feat. Nicki minaj) 4/5 The video…uhhh speechless but in a kinda good but bad way But the song also blows me away 😍😍 6. Let me love you (feat. Lil wayne) 5/5 This has a back story to it but that’s not the point I was speechless when I first listened to this song in a best way 💋💋💄💄❤️❤️🔥🔥😞😞😳😳🥰🥰 7. Greedy 1/5 WHAT THE H3CK DID SHE DO TO THIS SONG WHYYYY 8. Leave me lonely 1/5 No no no no 9. Everyday (feat.future) 4/5 I’m in love with this song it ain’t the best but it’s worth every penny 10. Sometimes 1/5 Ehuhmmmmehhhh 11. I don’t care 3/5 Not bad, this song is nice tbh 12. Bad decisions 1/5 Sad to see 13. Touch it 2/5 This isn’t the worst but it’s kinda annoying tbh 14. Knew better/ forever boy 2/5 Ehhhh wassup wit da two different titles… 15. Thinking bout you 1/5 Nope not me
i don’t see it
claw zila
This album has my heart and this app is so weird because it stops in the middle of the song and the song ends in the middle of the song but other than that it’s a perfect app
Yes Ariana this album is so good!! It’s pop, but has soulful R&B and the tunes are so catchy with amazing beats 💗 this album is totally recommended !!
Trevin ¥