-SUPER SLIMEY - Future & Young Thug mp3 download

-SUPER SLIMEY Mp3 Download

Artist : Future & Young Thug

Released : 2017-10-20

Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap

Mr. C. Freeman
🔥 2 of the greatest and most unique rappers (whose voices compliment each other perfect; Future is lower and gruff, Thugger’s slippery delivery hits the higher notes more often) combine on this album for great results. It is to me a fair equivalent to say this is the equivalent of Watch The Throne by Hov ‘n Ye. I hope they work together again, I recommend this if you dig these rappers. And if you dig ‘em, if you miss this - you’re missing out on some dope work on the real. 🔥
Zach McElroy
This my jams 24/7!!!!!
Mink flow and killed before...my top tracks
That's what i'm talking about 10 out 10
W/o a doubt one of my favorite albums/tapes from this year.
Took me a minute to really like this album but it's something I listen to everyday now