-Skins - XXXTENTACION mp3 download

-Skins Mp3 Download


Released : 2018-12-06

Genre : Pop

X you’re really good rapper you I your musicI’m so sad that you dead Indigan Rest In Peace
This Album Is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I Absolutely Love All Of His Music. He Has A Voice Of An Angel, So Beautiful & Amazing! I Love Xxxtentacion ❤️🤟🏻
Never make a clean rap album
He beat up a pregnant woman and got what he deserved.
I was a fan of X a year before his death.And this dosent seem like the rest of his albums.It feels rushed/unfinished because it probably is.I think they are taking advantage of X’s death to get easy money because people like me love his songs.Like the song “BAD” I like it but are we gonna ignore the fact he just says the same thing over and over except for like 10 seconds of the song? I prefer “17” over and other album so if you haven’t heard X before somehow DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM!!! It is not his best work and it feels like somethings missing.I personally didn’t like this album but if you did that’s fine but I think you would like “17” way more than this (if you haven’t heard “17”,but if you have and you like this more there’s something wrong with you). #LLJ
After I heard about his death in been doing shout outs for his question mark album to get more ratings I love him personally I was getting out of after I heard he was shot I was not upset I was chill but wondering why he was shot I sit back and keep why he was killed until i started thinking about other rappers that were shot like lil jojo la Capone gee money lil Jeff smoke dawg jimmy wopo and other one and I heard as well that on the same xxxtentacion was that shot too on the same day I was like Is june 18 a day where 2 hip hop artist die on the June 18 2018 usually 2018 was a sad year for rappers we just gotta keep moving strong and stop losing the wave of rappers we gotta keep the rapper cart moving until they all die no matter what never never die young I hope that the fans of xxxtentacion that were depressed after his are ok I hope you have time to bye
joesoph philip
Train food is the best but the whole album is really good and btw guardian angel is Jocelyn Flores backwards 😭rip X