-Honest - Future mp3 download

-Honest Mp3 Download

Artist : Future

Released : 2014-03-11

Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap

Tonyy Cx
Amazing is all there is to say
Rap lyrics and rhythms need to evolve in order to keep audiences listening. I think Future brings at least that much to the table. We have come so far from Run DMC, and this album is an excellent example of today's hip hop. How long Move that Dope will survive in the minds of listeners is impossible to forecast, but I'm optimistic it will continue to succeed, perhaps through the end of the summer. Good job folks.
Legit I guess
I "Honestly" think that this album is more down to heart and tells his soft side with a little but of hard in it
I love the song Honest it's dope but all the others sound alike :/
i never thought there’d be a day that a dude like him would have a album thats good.