The Why and How of Website Health Checks

Website health checks are the online equivalent of heading off to your trusted GP for regular check-ups. There might not be anything obviously wrong on the surface but it’s important to check in and make sure that everything is working the way it’s meant to – and to flag anything of concern before it becomes a serious problem.

Here’s some of the key health indicators for your website:

1. Website speed


Proud Winners at the Bendigo Business Excellence Awards 2016

Creative Revolution is thrilled to be the recipient of the ‘Excellence in Strategy for Online Presence in Bendigo’ Award at the Bendigo Business Council’s 2016 Bendigo Business Excellence Awards on Saturday night. What a night!

Founded in 2006 we have been steadily been working to be one of the leading creative agencies in Central Victoria and recognition at the Bendigo Business Excellence Awards is a major achievement for us. The Bendigo Business Excellence Awards have a long history of wonderful award winners, and now we can happily count ourselves among them!


The Secret to Your First 1000 Social Media Followers

Are you worth following? Probably not. This comes down to two reasons: 1. You’re not easily found 2. Your content isn’t relevant to your audience. 


Why Nobody on Facebook Likes You

If nobody likes you on Facebook, there’s usually a pretty good reason why. It might hurt to hear, but here’s five home truths you need to know. 


Why Thinking of Others is the Key to Social Media Success

You want likes. You want shares. You want exposure. But what does your audience want? Here’s why understanding your audience is key to success in social media.


Three SEO Techniques You Can Implement by Lunch Time

We know SEO isn’t always easy but here’s three things you can get done by lunchtime today!


Please Stop Making These SEO Mistakes in 2016

We implore you: it’s not hard to do the right thing. Make 2016 the year you start!


SEO Beginners Guide: Two First Steps

This primer will help you understand SEO and make your first steps to the top of Google.

SEO is hard. There are no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ about it. It’s a hard concept to grasp and a hard aspect of digital marketing to keep on top. And to be honest, it can be hard for both amateurs and professionals alike.


10 Marketing Blogs to Help You Grow Your Business in 2016

Whether you need marketing inspiration, somewhere to start your digital marketing journey, or just looking to brush up on your marketing best practises, these ten blogs have you covered! 


Five Digital Marketing Myths That Are Leading You Astray

There is no shortage of misguided assumptions when it comes to digital marketing. Don’t let misconceptions guide your business down the wrong path! Ignore the BS and take advantage of the many opportunities digital marketing offers.


3-Minute Crash Course in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is no longer the way of the future; it’s how you need to be operating in the present. So lets dive straight in and explore digital marketing in less than 3 minutes. 



Are You Using These Free Online Tools To Grow Your Business?

Grow your business online! That’s what everyone says, but sometimes it’s easier said than done. You need the right tools to get the job done. Check out our favourite free online tools to help you grow your business online.

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