The Key to More Leads: The Digital Sales Funnel

Attaining quality customers isn’t easy.  Today’s customers are generally unresponsive to traditional advertising and marketing, such as trade publications and cold calling. This has caused many businesses to seek out ways they can leverage their website and social media platforms to generate quality leads.  

Correctly implemented, the online world will allow your business to utilise digital means effectively by enhancing your sales team. The ‘Digital Sales Funnel’ helps businesses by demonstrating how this can be achieved.


Mastering the Digital Sales Funnel

We are excited to present 'Mastering the Digital Sales Funnel' at Mr. Beebe's on Thursday 13 August. In this engaging and eye-opening seminar we aim to help B2B businesses that are struggling to adopt digital marketing channels to support their sales team. Attendees will learn how to leverage social media, blogging, online advertising, and website optimisation to support and enhance their sales team.


Top Tips Revealed: Attract Customers with Facebook

It’s no great secret that the visibility of your Facebook posts has plummeted in recent years, as more and more content floods daily news feeds. It’s the wail that can be heard all around the online world: 

“How can we reach people on Facebook!?”

Recent algorithm changes have seen the organic reach of posts dropping to as low as 2%, leaving businesses and online marketers scratching their heads as they scramble to reconfigure their social media strategies and re-evaluate the worth of Facebook as a social media tool.

What is organic reach you may ask?


Digital Marketing Strategies That Get Results

Think back to your childhood and remember that one kid. The one who always had the newest toys. The one who seemed to attract the most friends, tempted by the novelty of all those exciting new things.

Welcome to the 21st century, where the 'newest toy' is digital marketing and the 'friends' are potential leads and customers. 

Digital marketing promotes brands or products via electronic media, with one crucial twist: instead of interrupting people with targeted advertising the customer finds YOU.  


Cut-Price Chic: Six Strategies That Made Kmart Cool

Eight years ago it was unimaginable to think Kmart could ever be thought of as cool and yet today they are lauded as suburban style gurus. How did Kmart bring their brand back from the dead? Let us count the ways...

One in Three Visitors to Your Site are Mobile

One out of every three visitors that come to your website are now using mobile devices. That's right - one in three.

But, I hear you say, there's still two out of three that are on desktop or laptop computers. Two out of three ain't bad! Oh how wrong you are.

We might be at one in three right now, but just last year we were at one in four, and next year we will reach one in two. That's right: half.


The Secret to Purposeful Website Design

What is the secret to purposeful website design? Well the answer is pretty boring really: planning.

I can hear you yawning from all the way over here. And I can just see your mouse hovering over the back button! But if you stick with me you'll see that a little bit of planning goes a long way.

You see, if we just jump into a website design looking at the surface first we are missing an opportunity to appreciate the real reason for the site's existence and to design so that it fully realises this potential.


"Good Enough" is Never Good Enough

You catch a ball or you don't. You hit your target or you don't. You catch the ledge and save yourself from a fatal fall, or you don't. As Master Yoda would say "Do or do not, there is no try.".

In business today it is more important than ever never to settle for "good enough". Why? If we don't constantly strive for greatness in whatever we do, someone else out there will. And in today's socially-connected world, your customers will find them and love them for it.

Today, 'good' just doesn't cut it. Anything less than 'great' is failure.


A Day In The Life Of The Connected Australian

Australians are spending more time than ever online. We now spend 3.3 hours a day online, or 23.3 hours a week - that is a full day-and-a-half of our waking hours spent online every week.

This infographic charts the day of a typical Australian on a 24 hour clock. Here are the numbers:


5 Ds of Strategic Design

Design can be defined as "the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system". But design is much more than just making something look pretty.

Design can range from simple sketches and finished visual design pieces, to strategic marketing plans and architectural systems. At Creative Revolution, we use a common design philosophy for all of our work, from graphic design, to website development, and online marketing.


Seth Godin's Action Theory of Modern Marketing

In today's online connected world the old theories of marketing are breaking down. Seth Godin is famous for tearing down those established ways of thinking and now for the first time he steps up and offers an alternative: the Action Theory of Modern Marketing.


Good, Fast, Cheap: Pick Two!

We all sometimes wish we could have something done now, for little to no cost, and at the best possible quality.

The holy grail of good, fast and cheap is almost impossible to find. In the real world trade-offs usually have to be made.

In the famous words of Darryl Kerrigan: "Tell him he's dreaming!".

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