New to Instagram? Or maybe you need further insight as to what goes into an Instagram post? This step by step guide will help you achieve, a totally grammable post!

If implemented correctly, all 12 steps listed below will increase engagement on your profile and grow your follower base! So what’re you waiting for? It all starts here.


Profile Pic

Essentially the profile picture is the face of your profile. Do you want to be instantly recognised? Then consider choosing a photo that represents your brand to a T. The stand out obvious option to go for is your logo.



Make sure your username is easily searchable, like your business name. If this is already taken opt for a something similar that is recognisable with your brand, make sure you still include your business as the first part of the handle. If this is the case for you, write your full business name in the ‘name’ section of your profile.



This is personal to your brand, what you choose to share with the Instagram world should be an accurate representation of your business and show your followers what you do as a business. Brand/Slogan/Tagline should be inserted first followed by who you are.


Location Tag

Including Locations in your Instagram posts are essential. It showcases different places to friends or followers. For business owners, encouraging people to snap a photo at your location will essentially create an ‘album’ of posts for your business when people click the location. It will also build credibility for those who have not met you yet.


The Image/Video

The most important factor to consider is quality not quantity. Quality images posted occasionally will gain a greater reach than another user who posts numerous images with poor resolution. Make users PAUSE not scroll. You’re probably thinking well how do I make that happen? Work your magic with lighting and filters to create something beautiful. 



A like button is designed for users to express their feelings on the post. There are different triggers for every user as to why they hit the like button. It might be funny, relatable, appealing or OUT OF THIS WORLD!



If you want to achieve a higher click through rate (CTR) adding a link to your Instagram bio with a corresponding post is the way to go. Make it simple for your followers and lead them to click the link in bio for more information or to shop the products.


Swipeable Carousel

Share up to 10 pictures or videos at once with the Instagram Carousel feature! However, think strategically on this one, put your best image forward as this is the only image that will appear in the feed unless users choose to swipe.

There is also a business benefit for this, advertisers could already buy carousel ads but with a limit of five, now you can choose up to 10 pictures or videos.



Hands up who has an iPhone album basically consisting of screenshots? Well Instagram is making your life (and your storage) less crowded! You’ll notice a bookmark icon underneath the posts in your feed, simply tap it to save a post to a new, private tab on your profile. So convenient right! And the best part is… it’s only visible to you.



In a digital world, likes a linked to popularity! It’s true, if you like a photo on Instagram, you like it to show appreciation right? This signifies that people believe in your business/brand. Not only do pictures with a lot of likes usually attract more followers to the profile, they generally have more traffic.



Increase engagement on your posts through tagging any friends and brands that are featured in your posts. Asking questions in your captions are highly engaging e.g. ‘like if you agree’ or ‘tag a friend’ this sparks conversation and in turn leads to increased likes and my followers. This is the right way to gain followers. Don’t listen to your friend Tom who buys followers.



Hashtags are like a box of chocolates! You never know which one will lead to an extra follower or like. Make this simple for other users by selecting appropriate hashtags. It’s recommended that 11 hashtags are used per post for maximum engagement. Its best that when you include a caption you only mention 5 hashtags and the remainder be put in a comment.


Comment Replies

People buy from a brand they trust. Responding to comments shows an appreciation of your followers, they feel more connected to you as a person or business. It provides an opportunity to further communicate and share ideas, adding dynamism to your Instagram posts.


There are many factors that contribute to an Instagram post. Before starting with these steps you should ask yourself; am I targeting the right audience? This is absolutely essential. Once you have that down pat, it’s time to get gramming and start attracting the DTDT’s (Down-To-Double-Tappers) ;)



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